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I started my career as a management consultant focused on operations, systems, and continuous improvements.  One of my gifts is the ability to see patterns and being a go getter this led me to quickly excel in the business world and start my own small consulting company at a young age. 

Not long after starting my company I saw patterns in my own life and work that led me to wanting to change career and move in another direction but I felt trapped by my work.  

After many years of being stuck - I finally had enough and walked away to pursue my interests of physical healing and personal growth.  This led me down the door to learn, explore and teach deeper types of healing such as somatic, eastern arts, and many other modalities.  

Eventually I opened a holistic healing center working with people recovering from physical injuries or looking to improve their body's performance.    It's through this work I began to appreciate the role of coaching in creating conditions for self discovery that led to new habits, attitudes and behaviors needed for continuous improvement.

It was also during this period where I learned and slowly began to recognize the importance of the heart's role in our lives.  

Life eventually took me back into consulting with the birth of my third child and the need to move into a bigger space.  This provided me an opportunity to go back working with organizations with a new level of awareness and deeper understanding of the impact that leadership and culture can have on its employees, clients, and outcomes. 

My unique experiences and holistic approach led me  to becoming the Well-Being Officer for a government contractor.  There I worked with the founder to develop a framework and piloted individual, team, and organization well-being approaches to bring a felt sense of well-being to employees, contractors, and clients alike.   

These days I split my time between coaching and working with organizations and networks to support the development of heart centered communities that embrace a more human way of working together and focused on improving the world.

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